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Professional Experience:                 


Polygraph Unit Coordinator

Pennsylvania State Police – Bureau of Criminal Investigation

August 2011 – January 2018


  • Supervised 25 polygraph examiners across the state.

  • Conducted quality control reviews of all Department examiners/provide technical guidance/training and support for examiners.

  • Conducted three-year quality control evaluations on all Department examiners.

  • Developed policy and procedures for the Department’s polygraph program.

  • Completed the yearly budget for the Department’s polygraph unit.

  • Compiled quarterly stats on all the Department polygraph examinations.

  • Administered polygraph examinations for Municipal/State/Federal departments. 500+ polygraph examinations completed.

  • Chief quality control officer of all Department polygraph examinations. 10,000+ polygraph examinations quality controlled.

  • Sought and secured accreditation for the Polygraph unit through Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation.

  • Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation/Re-Accreditation Committee Head.

  • Inspection/accreditation of state and local law enforcement polygraph units from around the nation.

  • Provided classroom instruction on Polygraph to background investigators.

  • Provided yearly training of all the Department’s polygraph examiners.

  • Provided classroom instruction on polygraph topics to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • Senior Polygraph Examiner Instructor for Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation.

  • Adjunct Instructor, Northeast Counter Drug Training Center Polygraph Program.

  • Adjunct Instructor, Department of Defense Polygraph Program.


Polygraph Examiner  

Pennsylvania State Police - Troop N

August 2007 – August 2011                          


  • Full time polygraph examiner for Troop N (Counties of Monroe, Carbon, Luzerne and Columbia).

  • Administered and scheduled polygraph exams for Municipal/State/Federal police departments and pre-employment screening.

  • Conducted pre and post-test interview/interrogations on examinees.

  • Rendered opinions on deception and non-deception. Analysis of polygraph charts.

  • Conducted quality control for other members of the Polygraph unit.

  • Taught various classes on polygraph, background investigations and interview and interrogation.

  • Attended yearly training for updates and proficiency.

  • Provided classroom instruction on polygraph topics to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

  • Correct criminal incident reports submitted by patrol and crime unit troopers.

  • Assisted at major case scenes in both a supervisory and investigative role.

Private Polygraph Examiner

August 2008 – Present


  • Administered polygraph examinations in the following areas:                                     

    • Applicant Screening Polygraph Examination.

    • Post-Conviction Sex Offender Examination.

    • Civil Polygraph Examination.



Harrisburg Area Community College / Pennsylvania State Police Polygraph Institute

Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

January 2008 – April 2008


  • Initial Polygraph Training (Academic and Internship as required).  

  • Accredited by the American Polygraph Association.


University of Scranton

Scranton, Pennsylvania

August 1988 – May 1992


  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Economics.

Other Professional Training Received:

  • American Polygraph Association Seminar (September 2010, September 2012, September 2014) A one week course of continuing education credits, including sex offender training, polygraph testing formats, updates in test data analysis, etc.

  • Senior Examiner Training – (November 2010, May 2012, September 2015, June 2017) (Department of Defense) (D.A.C.A./N.C.C.A.) Instruction provided by members of the Department of Defense staff on current polygraph testing standards and formats.  Including instruction on Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation standards which were then adopted and implemented within the Pennsylvania State Police.

  • Post Convicted Sex Offender Certification – (November 2009) Instructed by Nathan J. Gordon, President of the American Polygraph Association. A one week advanced course which meets the requirements of the American Polygraph Association and American Society for Testing and Materials and qualifies graduates to administer court ordered polygraph testing of convicted sex offenders as a supervision and treatment tool.   

  • Instructor Development – (August 2014) A one week course conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police. Certified instructor to teach current members of the Pennsylvania State Police.​


  • Basic Leadership Training – (May 2011) A two week course conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police. Topics include supervision techniques, developing leadership qualities and a team approach.​​​               


  • Interview and Interrogation Training – (March 1997, October 2008, September 2009, November 2011, May 2014, March 2015, April 2017) Topics Included: Evaluation of verbal and non-verbal communications, confrontations of guilt, and attainment of confessions.​


  • Annual Polygraph Unit Training Seminar – (2008 - 2017) Yearly training of polygraph examiners in Advanced Body Language Techniques, Quality Control, Test Data Analysis, Polygraph Testing Formats.



Courses Instructed:


  • Polygraph Examination Topics – Instructed polygraph examiners nationwide on Polygraph Testing Formats, Test Data Analysis, and Quality Control of polygraph examinations.


  • Sexual Offense Survey – Instructed polygraph examiners nationwide on proper testing of examinees in child pornography and other sexual related offenses.


  • Background Investigator’s Training – Instruct Pennsylvania State Police members on how to conduct, and review as supervisors, thorough background investigations as well as the role of the polygraph examiner in those investigations.


  • Basic Criminal Investigation Training – Instruct Pennsylvania State Police members on the use of polygraph to assist with criminal investigations.


Present Professional Memberships:

  • American Polygraph Association.

  • American Association of Police Polygraphists. 

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