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Post Conviction Sex Offender Polygraph Testing

As a certified polygraph examiner in conducting Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing, NEPA Polygraphs, conducts confidential and ethical polygraphs for the treatment of convicted sex offenders. Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing is generally court ordered and is an essential part of the therapy and the parole and probation process for individuals convicted of a sexual crime. 


Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing includes Sexual History, Instant Offense, Monitoring and Maintenance Examinations. All Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing is confidential and can be administered on site because I provide all necessary equipment to conduct a valid and ethical polygraph examination.

My goal is to work as a team with the Therapist and Probation/Parole to control and manage sex offenders. Working together as a team will provide victim protection, public safety, re-offense interdiction and offender treatment.

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