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Independent Polygraph Examinations in NEPA


Whether the case is criminal or civil, polygraph tests can provide you information to assist in a successful resolution of your case. It has been shown that the use of a polygraph examination can provide invaluable information that otherwise would be undiscovered.  In addition to my many years of training and experience, Mark Holtsmaster of NEPA Polygraphs also uses the most up-to-date polygraph equipment and validated techniques to conduct a valid and ethical polygraph examination. Click below to learn more about the different polygraph testing services offered by NEPA Polygraphs.


As a coordinator and member of the Pennsylvania State Police Polygraph Unit, Mark Holtsmaster possesses the knowledge, specialization, training and experience to administer and analyze polygraph examinations. Recently retired, Mark is a certified Polygraph Examiner who has now started NEPA Polygraphs to continue his passion. From reviewing a completed polygraph examination to conducting an entire polygraph examination, Mark can assist with all your Polygraph needs.


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